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S 16 compression fittings for pressure piping applications are characterized by the Innovative Balance Sealing System Posei- don (pat pending): thanks to the new technical design it is possible to balance the sealing action towards the pipe through thedifferent tighteningofthenut.Thisleadstothemaximumsafetyinallthepossibleconditionsofuseandqualityofthe pipe , keeping the basic features of easy and fast assembly without any particular preparation of the pipe.

Product range: d.16-110mm,all the common items for piping applications.

: top quality raw materials are used, this makes the S 16 fittings highly resistant and reliable in time, suitable for drin- king water and environment compatible.

Body, nut, thrust ring: virgin polypropylene (PP-B), high mechanical resistance and thermal stability in course of time. For coloured nuts, top UV resistant master-batch are used (grade 8- ASTM D2565)

Grip ring: copolymer polyacetal resin (POM) , white colour

Conical gasket: rubber NBR or EPDM, hardness 70sh, black colour

Reinforcement ring: only for female threads >= 1”1/2, stainless steel AISI 430


Dimensions, features and functional tests: UNI 9561, EN712 - EN713 - EN715 - EN911, ISO3458 – ISO3459 – ISO3501 – ISO3503 – ISO14236, DIN8076.3, AS/NZS 4129, BRL K534-03

Pipe compatibility, PE-HD (PE63-80-100), PE-LD, PEX-a: UNI10910, EN12201-1, ISO4427, DIN8072 - DIN8074, AS/ NZS4130, BS6572 – BS6730, UNI7990

Sealing threads (male and female): EN10226-3 (ex ISO7/1), DIN2999.1, BS21, AS/NZS1722.1 Flange: ISO7005, DIN2501 – DIN8063.


-10 / +45°C



S 16 fittings are designed and suitable to be used at PN16 pressure rate; fittings are tested and certified by major international approval institutions, such as DVGW (Germany), IIP (Italy), WM (Australia), Kiwa (Holland).

Temperature C° -10/+25°C +26/+35°C +36/+45°C
PN 16 12,5 10
PN 12,5 10 8
PN 10 8 6



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