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Clamp saddle features and benefits:

  1. Clamp saddles designed for PE / PVC Pipes ASTM / IPS / inches stand.
  2. Female offtakes can be NPT and /or BSP upon  customers requirement.
  3. Raw material PP omo/ copolymer to optimize mechanical / thermal resistance
  4. Stainless steel ring reinforce around the female offtak
  5. Flat gasket in order to achieve optimal resistance against water hammer, oval, undersized, scratched pipes
  6. Antirotation patented device  to reduce clamp saddle sliding and rotating possible inconvenients. Suitable for any PE either HDPE / LDPE / MDPE; PE 100 / 80 / 63. Teeth height has been studied in order to avoid any inconvenient.
  7. Second gasket grove in the clamp saddle bottom part for  the possibility to use it as reparing coupling. This extra gasket must be bought separately.
  8. Retained  bolts in the lower part to facilitate assembly


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