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PE 100 fittings

PE is a thermoplastic material included in the poly-olefine category of various products. It has a partial christal structure. Its a “ user friendly product suitable for human consumption.
PE compared with other thermoplastic products has specific advantages related to other products that make it ideal for water and gas reticulations schemes, it has a large number of applications also in the irrigation schemes, industrial plants or building installation projects. Known as third generation product (or MRS 10), has an higher intensity. Due to that it offers higher mechanical resistance in relation to raw material of first and second generation as (PE 63 / PE 80).
This raw material is in line with EN 12201 required specifications (plastic systems of fittings and pipes for potable water applications) and EN 1555 (plastic systems of fittings and pipes for gas delivery schemes).

Technical data
• Density according to ISO 1183 930 kg/m³
• Melt-flow index according to ISO 1133: 0,3-0,5 g/10 min
• longitudinal expansion factor in line with DIN 53572 - 0,13 mm/m.k
• Color : black
Geometric properties and nominal pressure
• Outside diameter and wall thickness in line with EN 1555 e EN 12201.
• Ratio between external OD and wall thickness SDR with nominal pressure PN: PE 100 SDR 11 PN 16 - PE 100 SDR 17 PN 10
• Electro-fusion of butt fusion.
• PE 100 fittings can work with higher temperatures in line with MFR-range (0,3 - 0,5) g/10 min., with all pipes in line with EN12201 and EN 1555
PE advantages
• Optimal chemical resistance
• Flexibility
• Low weight with transport and handling advantages
• Thermic resistance ( up to 80ºC and with cold temperatures)
• No scraps nor polluted parts left

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