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Our our products part of our range have an high level of quality due to combinations of various factors such as innovative working principles.
Efficient and reliable for the long term. Products certified quality As example the compression fittings line S16 known as Poseidon has an innovative seal balancing systems that allows to balance the hydraulic sealing effect on the pipe with the relative nut screwing effect.
All this secure the proper hydraulic seal in every working condition that enable also to compensate possible pipe defects.
S16 Poseidon line of compression fittings does not need any pipe preparation before the assembly.
All this makes the installation job easier and faster.
This product range is certified and approved by the main International indipendent institute such as: IIP (Italy), DVGW (Germany), WRAS (UK), ACS (France), WM (Australia), KIWA (NL), ETA (DK), SABS (RSA).

High level of service to the customers and quick delivery time are granted.
Adeguate stock level of the various products will be always there.
ISO 9001 procedure are always followed supported by an internal flexible and efficient organization.
Reliable suppliers network will enable us to offer a quick delivery for the various orders coming from the market.

The combination of the over mentioned features gives to all customers 100% security about product and service quality

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